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About Us

The Kalang River Forest Alliance Inc. (KRFA) is a not-for-profit local community organisation comprising people dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Kalang catchment including its fauna and flora and waterways. We value its biodiversity and ecological and cultural importance. We acknowledge the Gumbaynggirr Nation and that sovereignty was never ceded.

No forest, no life.
Let’s save the Kalang, together.

Our Mission

"What we are working towards."

Collectively we are striving to protect the Kalang River headwaters forests and waterways in perpetuity for future generations to enjoy. Most importantly, we aim to prevent any logging of native forest in the Kalang Headwaters; maintain a healthy Kalang River system; and sustain our critical water security.

We seek to legally protect the native forest habitat and endemic flora and fauna that dwell in the headwaters of the Kalang, Bellinger and Nambucca rivers through the declaration of the Headwaters Reserve Proposal. Our hope is to see a prolific population increase of all flora and fauna within the Kalang River headwaters and surrounding forests.

Our Vision

"What the future will look like."

The headwaters of the Kalang, Bellinger and Nambucca Rivers are under permanent protection through the declaration and implementation of the “Headwaters Reserve Proposal”.

We live with no fear of NSW Forestry Corporation or private loggers ever logging these forests.

Everyone in our community is now enjoying the pristine healthy waters of the Kalang River and the abundant forests and biodiversity of the Kalang Valley.

There is on-going positive flow-on effects supporting species population recovery and protection whilst combating the impacts of climate change.

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