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We need our water and climate security. Extinction is primarily caused by habitat loss.

Are we going to let them destroy ours?


We have put forward a Headwaters Reserve Proposal to protect the Kalang and Bellingen and Nambucca Headwaters permanently. You have a unique opportunity to support this.

You can contact the Premier and relevant Ministers. 

More direct action you can take:

Keep Informed

Join our Kalang River Forest Alliance facebook page and our news and discussion page.  


Donate to KRFA

Please give generously to help save Kalang Headwaters.
BSB: 533000 Account: 02029349

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Offer Skills

Help our community to run this campaign by getting in touch with us directly.

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Speak Up

Phone, write or email torelevant state ministers asking questions and request a response.

If you're interested in sponsoring us, please send us a message

We need your support to stop irreversible damage to the Kalang River and Forests.

We rely on private, community donations and sponsorship to continue running our campaign.

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Please give generously to support the protection of Kalang River & Forest.

Make a direct bank transfer:


Description: KRFA Donation
BSB: 533 000

Account: 02 029 349

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